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HEAAL Clinics was founded by two passionate healthcare practitioners Dr.Chalam & Dr.Keerti about a decade & half ago.The term HEAAL itself speaks about providing comprehensive care to an individual who would visit the clinic with a disease or a disorder.

The objective of HEAAL Clinics is to provide a holistic care to whoever visits the clinic be it preventive or curative. The main attributes of the clinic are:

We believe that Healthcare is not just about “Prescribing a Medicine”, but it is all about understanding an individual’s health concern, the cause behind it & finding out probable solutions to it. Our thorough approach in patient care is to handhold & help people with the best possible care.

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At HEAAL Homeopathy Clinic, Dr.Chalam & Dr.Keerti join hands to offer compassionate care and modern homeopathic treatments, ensuring your journey to wellness is guided by expertise and personalized attention. Your health is our priority at HEAAL.

Dr.Chalam Garigipati

   Dr.Chalam has been a passionate healthcare provider with 15+ yrs of clinical experience in the field of Homeopathy & Clinical practice.

Preventive Health & Homeopathy Medicine has been a key aspect of his practice.Educating the patient & guidance on right health practices has been the highlight of his clinical practise.

After his medical schooling he has gained clinical exposure from experienced clinicians from the city of Pune, associated with Tertiary Care Hospitals in Pune & Hyderabad for adapting comprehensive healthcare practices.
His interest towards Homeopathic dilutions in the cure of Acute & Chronic cases have made a huge impact within the sphere of his practicing community.
Passion towards Preventive Health gave him an opportunity to take a big leap in the world of Diet & Fitness- He has gained immense experience in guiding people towards Optimal health practices.

Special Areas of Interest:

   Dr.Keerti is an ardent follower of holistic medicine with a patient care experience of more than a decade.
She has graduated in Homeopathy medicine & post medical schooling she had an opportunity to venture into core aspects of Hospital Management. She was associated with Corporate Hospitals in the city of Pune & Hyderabad.

Dr.Keerti Garigipati

Medical Practice was always more than a medicine for her & she believed that medicine is for supportive care & there are other are of holistic medicine to be brought into patient care.
She explored the world of healing techniques & learnt the art of Meditation, Energy Healing and has been able to apply it to practice & show the scope of healing along with the combination of medicine for effective cure.

Special Areas of Interest: